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Article introduction

Chicken broth can say is the Shang Pin with a kind of nourishing most strong action, when because be being stewed,making chicken broth, most person can choose a few pairs of human body the medicinal material of ascensive effectiveness is put in, in stewing the process that controls chicken broth so, these medicinal materials blended in chicken broth very well inside, and gallinaceous itself also has rich protein and officinal value. But the chicken broth that a lot of people discover to him Bao comes out is not very good drink, so should how has ability met Bao chicken broth drink?

How bag chicken broth is good drink

1, want to be able to choose chicken above all

People boils Shang Ai to raise old chicken, but actually spring chicken boils boiling water more appropriate. The flesh of spring chicken contains protein more, and contain stretch connective tissue few, be absorbed more easily by human body. Next, use the chicken of the chicken broth that stew, had better be a hen, the Shang Gengbu empty that the hen stews, suit the person that heals at the beginning of a serious illness to drink. The chicken that stews chicken broth tastes without flavor, but can take cold and dressed with sause.

2, kill chicken to want to freeze first now

Nature of the chicken that buy work need not say, basically be to assure fleshy flavour delicious. After bright chicken is bought, should put freezer freezer compartment to freeze 3 hours left and right sides takes defrost to boil boiling water again first. So do, the principle that follows the flesh that discharge acid is identical, such chicken meat just is best character, the soup taste that makes just is met more delicious.

How bag chicken broth is good drink

3, bubble of the leach that clean out rice

Before Bao chicken broth, OK a chicken that washs clean, put into the water of pan rice to immerse ten minutes. It is OK to come so the peculiar smell on purify chicken skin, 2 will can let chicken become more fresh and tender again. Used the data that gets easily the simpliest, can get extraordinary result however.

4, flying water

Alleged flying water, it is a chicken, cold water, Jiang Pian, put to kitchen together, ignition boils the process of boil. Carry flying water not only can the unripe fishy smell of take out chicken, also be thoroughly clean process, still can make Shang Qingliang not muddy, flavour of bright sweet as good as.

How bag chicken broth is good drink

5, strong cold water finalizes the design

The chicken with flying good water treatment, should rapid fish out, rinse clean below cold water. Can rush to fly on one hand so when water, the foam of adherent a few float on gallinaceous body, the 2 processes that will still can make chicken broth is being boiled, the flesh comes loose not easily the sodden, integrality that maintains a skin to follow the flesh.

6, delete accessory

This one situation can say is the key in the key. A few accessory on body of take out chicken, it is the key that Bao makes delicate chicken broth. These affect the quality of soup and olfactory accessory to include: Gallinaceous red is splanchnic, for instance liver, gizzard, lung, heart (can leave other dish to use) , but when Bao chicken broth must purify. Cut off the toenail on gallinaceous claw. Put in fingernail have many bacterium, bao Shang Hui goes against sanitation. Gallinaceous nose. It is a paragraph of distance between the on half part of gallinaceous mouth and eye, not the word of purify, chicken broth can have a peculiar smell. Gallinaceous buttock. This part can be excised more a few. Should notice not to want continue to employ especially when Bao chicken broth.

7, the boiler of the chicken broth that stew had better want to use arenaceous boiler

Boil make chicken broth should use arenaceous boiler, is not iron bowl. In because iron bowl is met,taking ferruginous taste into chicken broth, be inferior to arenaceous boiler can gather together little taste, add delicious.

8, water ” unripe ” fervent

Cold water of appropriate of Bao chicken broth leaves boiler, and water should be added sufficient, midway of avoid by all means adds water at will. Generally speaking, one 3 jins of right-and-left chicken, should put 6 jins of right-and-left water. Let raw material follow water lukewarm lift slowly and release nutrition and fragrance adequately. The chicken broth that stew should first conflagration makes an appointment with 10 minutes, open lid, below boiling condition, cast aside go float foam of the surface, such chicken broth in the future just are met white and clear, do not have any impurity. After casting aside good float foam, turn again slow fire, do not lift a lid casually again, “Released gas from pastry ” soup did not have former juice raw ingredient.

9, duration wants proper

The gist of duration of soup of cook over a slow fire is boil of big baked wheaten cake, small fire slow cook over a slow fire. Can make the fresh sweet material such as content of food protein soak dissolves as far as possible so come out, make Shang Xianchun delicious. Use small fire to be stewed slow for long only, ability makes soak content dissolves morely, already clear, thick alcohol. The food that can add oil absorption of and so on of some of wax gourd, dawdle is boiled together, can rise to reduce the effect that cholesterol absorbs.

10, put salt finally

The time in a sense that puts salt can the taste of dictate chicken broth. No matter be some people,salt is put when saying next boiler, or half ripe when put, incorrect. Salt boiled time to grow meeting and chicken happening chemistry to react, the protein in chicken is locked up to decide, shang Weidan, the flesh also is stewed not sodden. Put when it is good that salt and other dressing already must be stewed in chicken broth. Conflagration turns 10 minutes after putting salt again cease-fire, midway does not lift a lid, not only flavour went in completely, and chicken broth little taste is thicker. Attention, agitate does not want after putting salt to go in, that meeting leaves taste of an unripe salt.