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Article introduction

Crab is food of very welcome a kind of seafood, in home, have a lot of famous crab, mail the crab of the crab of the lake and in relief settleclear lake high for instance, these crab can draw a lot of people every year, crab tastes not only taste is good, and its nutrition value is very high, eat crab to have very good filling empty effect, suit those body weakling to eat particularly, whether can you eat crab at the women of lactation so?

Can lactation eat crab?

Can lactation eat crab?

Crab creams fresh and fat beauty, juicily crab lets a lot of people’s greedy dribble, especially crab faithful pink, it is the cate that the desktop cannot miss absolutely. However for the mom to lactation, a lot of gossip say: Crab of lactation inedible thing is among them a kind, so after all cannot lactation eat crab really? What note is there again if eating?

Lactation can eat crab

Is crab lactation inedible thing? Actually, lactation mom is to be able to eat crab, but must a few, cannot eat more. Because crab sex is cold, and contain diversiform protein and purine alkaline, eat more can have the risk that causes darling skin allergy, return can aggravating eczema, the circumstance of occurrence diarrhoea, cause disease of system of darling oneself immunity to wait even. Crab is additionally medium easily helminth and virus or heavy metal lead wait, the mom of lactation wants cautiously to enjoy crab.

Can lactation eat crab?

Lactation eats crab note

The ① , amount that takes crab wants little: The mother of lactation has not to exceed the crab of 100 grams at most every time.

② , crab wants fresh: The meeting inside the body when crab is close to dying secretes histamine of a kind of toxic substance, and can be lengthened as dead time and accumulate. And postmortem crab flesh also is met rapid putrefaction, cause other bacterium to grow. So crab must eat fresh.

③ , avoid is unripe feed need to thoroughly cook: Although crab has drunk crab have a way, but as a result of water quality problem, often cause inside crab body having many bacterium, it is certain to eat crab so ripe eat, not devouringly delicate and eat raw. The crab that boil also must thoroughly cook evaporate to appear, high temperature is antiseptic, after making crab carapace aglow, feed.

④ , crab can eat the meat only, cream, yellow: Because crab is in Jiang He is laky in, it is with plant of float move about feed and like to crawl in Sha Shi, many silt stolen goods is contained inside the branchial, bowel of reason crab, when eating must take out.

Can lactation eat crab?

The ⑤ , food that eats crab to feed not easily together: When eating crab cannot feed together with the food such as meat of celery, persimmon, pear, orange, pomegranate, tomato, cantaloup, earthnut, yam, honey, rabbit, can bring to the body otherwise unwell.

1 hour of ⑥ , less than after eating crab do not suggest to drink tea instantly or have cold drink.

⑦ , if do not take care one-time ate overmuch crab, and appear the symptom such as disgusting vomiting, answer to stop lactation instantly, head for hospital go to a doctor.