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Article introduction

The sort of coffee is very much, a lot of people like fast dissolve coffee now, the biggest gain of fast dissolve coffee develops bubble namely very convenient, unlike should experience multifarious strong bubble process like a lot of coffee, and the volume of fast dissolve coffee is minorrer, very square portable belt and store, but discover in the life, a lot of people or won’t bubble fast dissolve coffee, for instance the scale of coffee and water did not hold good, the time of strong perhaps bubble is wrong etc, everybody teachs bubble below the accurate method of fast dissolve coffee.

Bubble is the accurate method of fast dissolve coffee what kind of?

Bubble the accurate method of fast dissolve coffee:

Everybody is familiar with coffee very much, the position of its world and tea is about the same, it is the significant presence of 3 big beverage of world, it can be life-giving wake the head also can alleviate fatigue, but at ordinary times rhythm of life of people job strain is fast, very rare time is made grind coffee now, then convenient and quick fast dissolve coffee became the first selection when people drinks coffee, but how should fast dissolve coffee develop bubble? Draw up its specific bubble law a little while come, OK and relaxed strong v is good after everybody learns drunk fast dissolve coffee.

Bubble is the accurate method of fast dissolve coffee what kind of?

Fast dissolve coffee how bubble

The strong bubble method of fast dissolve coffee is particularly simple, at ordinary times when people wants to drink coffee, can take powder of coffee of a bit fast dissolve, fall in the cup directly, take a stainless steel small spoon next, prepare right amount boiled water again, to the middle of the cup when affusion, want to use stainless steel small spoon to churn ceaselessly, smooth it is sweet later strong coffee, but this kind of method looks be like simple, there is a lot of to pay attention to however when truly strong bubble.

The method of coffee developing bubble

1, must have burned ahead of schedule when fast dissolve coffee, egg of one crock boiled water, the boiled water that has heated cannot develop coffee of a fast dissolve directly, should make it cooling arrive 60 develop tone to 70 degrees later again. In the process of cooling water, want to prepare fast dissolve coffee, and the packing bag that should hold it in the arms is opened, join coffee white in ready coffee cup.

Bubble is the accurate method of fast dissolve coffee what kind of?

2, the temperature that the water in waiting for crock falls is with later again direct and irruptive in the coffee cup of coffee pink, when strong water, want to let pink of leach bubble coffee not simply, use small spoon even ceaseless agitate, make coffee pink sufficient dissolve, after waiting for coffee pink to dissolve adequately, rejoin is right amount boiled water, the total volume of water does not exceed the 4/5 of coffee cup.

3, chaliced after mix up of fast dissolve coffee, can join right amount milk or toffee, again smooth later a cup of grandma is sweet strong fast dissolve coffee is strong also very OK and drinkable, taste at this moment, taste is particularly good, the mouthfeel of fast dissolve coffee that develops bubble to go out at will than those absolutely is a lot of better.