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Article introduction

The steamed bread is the cooked wheaten food of our country tradition, shandong Shaanxi and other places also makes steamed bread. The steamed bread is one kind is fermented by flour evaporate is ripe and the cooked wheaten food that become hemicycle does not have stuffing, when beginning, the steamed bread also has stuffing, call those who have stuffing steamed stuffed bun later, do not have stuffing make a steamed bread. The steamed bread is loose and goluptious, very good to intestines and stomach. Northerner likes to eat very much south, because district difference practice also is varied, so the steamed bread of where is the most delicious?

The steamed bread of where is the most delicious

With the steamed bread that old range delivers, do not use yeast. The sort of range that the face had better want him country to grind (did not add all sorts of additive, also did not divide what grade) , a bit yellow, maixiang is tangy, the edge when kneading dough kneads an edge to add dry area, knead a little while more, with caldron evaporate, build wants big, taste meet. Still have steamed bread of prop up face, go to with the machine in the face that is become reconciled in control dry aspect, cut with the knife next. Taste have very much bite a head, have very much chew interest, have arrangement very much.

Delicious steamed bread tastes a little sweet, but do not put sugar. Loose, of hard fact very delicious, the key should look is what face. The country of Shanxi Shaanxi should have the most delicious steamed bread.

Other and famous delicious cooked wheaten food:

1.Shanxi knife cuts an area. The knife that the knife cuts an area is to have cultured, common kitchen knife cannot cut a beautiful face part of a historical period, the knife that make cuts a face to need special knife, this is a kind of tailor-made arc cuts a knife, cut the face page that give with this kind of knife, intermediate thick both sides is thin, leaf of willow of be similar in shape. The beautiful on entrance mouthfeel, slip and do not stick, soft and not rare, way of face leaf interest is effective, get extensive reputably.

2.Sichuan Sichuan noodles with peppery sauce. Sichuan noodles with peppery sauce is Chengdu is famous and fastfood, but everybody says not clear it absurd from when, had the vendor that choosing carrying pole peddle some months some year, customer call stop carry pole with its load to be done now sell now, the thick round noodle of hand roll was thoroughlied cook, scoop up on dip one spoon to fry good pig ground meat. Besides that aroma, the carrying pole that remembers them only, get a name consequently ” Sichuan noodles with peppery sauce ” . Sichuan noodles with peppery sauce and can of acerbity hot pink call plain face sister the flower, but the person of a lot of greediness is done very acerbitily hot pink makes bad Sichuan noodles with peppery sauce however, besides the bud food that needs Sichuan special local product, skill is in of pork end fry make and match flavour to go up.

3.The face of fried bean sauce of Beijing. The beauty that the face of fried bean sauce of old Beijing has 100 to eat not tire of praise. Though it is common people eats,feed, but the eye is seeing a lot of wealthy person opening good car to take a side, belle handsome brothers also is listed in its. It is to going straight towards atmosphere, because eat comfortably,still basically be, nod on a few kinds of cole that have taste, clyster of such as sodden horsebean, blast, mustard piles, beans fish of flesh of flower of sauce, ancon, sauce, pink… do two season fried dish, come finally face of a bowl of fried bean sauce. Lickerish boiler chooses side of fried bean sauce, hot heat, juice Shang Xian gets be bored with, deserve to go up small bowl diced meat does fried bean sauce, fat Ding Er, lean lean Ding Er, chopped green onion of boil in water for a while falls above, match code of on 8 kinds of faces again, new garlic of connections violet skin, sweet.

The steamed bread of where is the most delicious

4.Lanzhou plays a side. Lanzhou pulls a face to belong to noodles in soup a kind. Lanzhou beef face is not noodle adds bovine sliced meat, however noodle adds beef boiling water. Having beef is less important. It and face of American California beef are different. California beef face is to scoop up noodle to add beef piece, it is bittern face. The biggest secret of Lanzhou beef face depends on soup, go up oneself the Ma Baozi at the beginning of the century makes range of the first bowl of beef up to now, the recipe generation acting according to legend of this soup, alleged clear soup is not boiled water to mix salt, former soup of a few kinds of spice and beef is made up and become however, perhaps you do not believe, this is done not have alone only among them big sweet! Gest of no less than, its supreme state returns uncut jade to return namely true, this ” clear ” nature is pure and honest and clinking. Perhaps natural environment also is a respect, lanzhou is located in a river of Yellow River upper reaches to overflow a beach to go up, it is water quality of the underground in city of class of provincial capital above is best.

5.The foul smell of Shaanxi child face. Characteristic: Foul smell child it is foul smell child the elite of the face, more than 10 kinds of raw material such as man of diced meat, turnip, dawdle man, bamboo shoot man, carrot man break up to fry and be become.

The steamed bread of where is the most delicious

About ” foul smell child face ” folk is circulating a story: Be in a long time ago, qi hill had an other people to marry a fine-looking, clever, diligent, bright son’s wife. New son’s wife arrives of husband’s family the following day, made feed noodle for the family, all without exception after the family is fed praises noodle slippery bright is delicious. Later, her little father’s younger brother is taken an examination of medium official position, ask schoolfellow good friend excellent be a guest, ask elder brother’s wife to be done for everybody most the noodle entertainment guest of expert, after everybody eats, be profuse in praise. From now on, “Face of elder brother’s wife ” famous. Because this is planted ” face of elder brother’s wife ” on must add foul smell child to irrigate a head. So people also calls it ” foul smell child face ” .

6.The heat of Wuhan works a side. Characteristic: One of delegate cate of Wuhan, noodle has biceps, burden diversity. Hot dry side is one of food with the famousest Wuhan, it is Wuhan life in work impartible cut one share, the occupies position in fastfood delegate of the whole nation Wuhan food in making their frame of mind is represented. Fine root root has noodle biceps, colour and lustre is yellow and fat profit, flavor is delicious. Mix wait for burden with pickles of balm, sesame paste, dried, the five spices, have distinguishing feature more.