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Article introduction

Fish sauce is called again piscine sauce, it is foreland uses one of flavorring requisite. It can circulate up to now and be not replaced by soy place, because piscine sauce itself has the little taste of sea product,be, to making food when flavor have very great help. It compares inland soy, the nurture such as more rich protein, amino acid pledges, more green is natural, it is people place to love. We will understand the specific use of fish sauce.

Condiment the usage of fish sauce

Fish sauce is what flavour

A lot of people know, southern region products is rich, dietary culture essence, a lot of fastfood let person assist with dressing. Fish sauce is a kind of dressing of southern special local product, its have distinctive local color, let what after the person has looked, do not stop think dribble, a lot of people like to eat.

Fish sauce can continue up to now, and suffer person praise highly fully all the time, because it contains a kind of unique flavor,be, having this taste because of it, after letting person edible so can aftertaste of for a long time. By water shrimp of medium a few small fish serves as raw material course to ferment and fish sauce is made, ordinary water can contain a few saline taste after condiment of medium biology make it.

Fish sauce is not exceptional also, the fish sauce that has made is tasted, contain a kind of saline taste namely, still taking little taste additionally. These two kinds of flavour are added in dish, can flavor to dish already, still can help dish move delicacy.

Condiment the usage of fish sauce

The nutrient value of fish sauce

Although be used at fish sauce,manufacturing raw material is leftover pieces of the piscine shrimp with edible inferior value or aquatic product treatment, but its nutrition value nots allow however small gaze. The amino acid of 18 kinds of above is contained in fish sauce, the important part; that the bovine sulphur acid that the amino acerbity; that includes place of 8 kinds of human body to need among them regards aquatic product as one of main function composition also is fish sauce is additional, a variety of organic acid are contained a lot ofto be like acetone acid, rich horse acid, amber acid to wait for the microelement that needs with human body metabolism in fish sauce, wait like Cu, Zn, Cr, I, Se.

Condiment the usage of fish sauce

Do what dish to use fish sauce

Fish sauce can be used at soup kind, of the dish such as meat of piscine shellfish, livestock, vegetable flavor, be like ” dish of fish sauce cabbage mustard ” , ” shrimp of iron plate fish sauce ” wait for; to also can use as barbecue, grilled fish is strung together, the flavoring of the chicken that bake, be like ” wine broil weever ” one dish, namely to dip in with fish sauce dish; applies to decoct, fry, evaporate, stew wait for a variety of ability laws, you Yi attune mixes, or make dip in makings, also but add makes bright Shang He use as the folk of soup makings; of the noodle that boil is commonly used still its souse chicken, duck, flesh kind. This shows, fish sauce can serve as the dressing of a variety of dish, its flavour and mouthfeel all very pretty good, suggest everybody can try.