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Article introduction

Leek fries screw flesh is a cooked food that a lot of people love to eat very much, when path dish tastes, this still can take trifling piquancy, feel him appetite soars, and the nutrient value among this dish also cannot be ignored, have very distinct effect, the mainest it is certain to have namely the effect of filling kidney, the male friends that because such ability is met,have a lot of just about can go this dish comes to edible nourishing oneself body.

Leek fries screw flesh effect

Officinal value


Wen Zhonghang of filling kidney; enrages; to come loose Yu; is alexipharmic.

Lukewarm this world of ① filling kidney: Leek sex is lukewarm, flavour laborious, but without Zhuangyang component.

② beneficial liver be good at stomach: Contain the special part such as volatile essence oil and sulfide, send out unique laborious aroma flavor, conduce to thin tone diseases with such symptoms as coastal pain, stomachic, enhance digestive function.

③ enrages regulating blood condition all right: The bitter taste of leek has medicinal powder gas of Yu invigorate the circulation of blood, travel guides sluggish action, apply to injuries from falls, queasy, enteritis, haematemesis, bosom painful wait for disease.

④ embellish bowel is aperient: Contain a large number of vitamins and crude fibre, bowel of can promotional stomach wriggles, remedial constipation, prevent alvine cancer.

Officinal and no-no

Patient of disease of the heat inside deficiency of yin with irritability and sore ulcer, eye all diet.

Each are discussed

” do not record ” : Install 5 Tibet, divide the heat in the stomach.

Contented great scene: In order to boil ZHA of crucian carp fish, break the advantage below soldier.

” dietotherapy a book on Chinese medicine ” : Benefit bosom midriff.

Leek fries screw flesh effect

” gleaning of a book on Chinese medicine ” : Wen Zhong, leave energy of life, filling empty, harmonic bowels, your person can be fed, beneficial this world, stop pus of discharge joint of bones, abdomen is cold painful, boil feed. Xie Jigen is unripe pound wring juice to take, antidote poison, ; of the person that cure wild dog bites a person to be about to send also reduces toxin of all snakes, Hui, scorpion, evil bug.

” day Hua Ziben is careless ” : Stop discharge essence hematuria, warm waist genu, except confidential chronic gas of addiction of cold, Xuan reachs the pain or numbness caused by cold in cold, bosom bellyacke, the fat white man that feed. Apoplectic aphonia grinds juice is taken, heart taste is painful very, unripe grind take, snake, dog bites evil sore, pound apply.

” a book on Chinese medicine spreads out justice addendum ” : Grind juice cold drink, can issue blood of the Yu in midriff, can fill diseases with such symptoms as coastal pain.

” law of red brook heart ” : Classics blood is go in a direction not allowed by traffic regulations, or bloody, or haematemesis, or saliva blood, take with leek juice. Drop attack injure the person that going up, juice of announce drink leek, or eat with congee.

” a book on Chinese medicine austral another name for Yunnan Province ” : Accumulate in smooth intestines and stomach, or feed gold, silver-colored, bronze ware within the abdomen, eat stand below.

Leek fries screw flesh effect

” detailed outline ” : Drink gives birth to juice, advocate on asthma ceases extremely, the chest that solve the flesh is poisonous. Liquor drink, stop disappear thirsty, night sweat, fume puerpera blood carry, wash alvine naevus prolapse of the anus.

” market of Guizhou folk square drug ” : Treat year long asthma growl, but stimulate the menstrual flow urges breast.

Zhu Zhenheng: Aching, have the content that feed heat and angry gloomy, the person that deadly blood stays at appetite pain, appropriate adds drug with leek juice, the root of balloonflower in, open the blood that carry gas. As a result is studied on gas having kidney aching person, appropriate comes loose with 5 Ling with leek juice for bolus, below hollow fennel soup. Lid leek is impatient, can come loose appetite blood sluggish also. Queasy appropriate uses leek juice 2 cups, breast of the juice that enter ginger, ox each cup, fine fine lukewarm take, build blood of leek juice disappear, pass the time in a leisurely way of the spirit below ginger juice is phlegmy with the stomach, bovine breast can dismiss filling theory of hot moisten the respiratory tract also.