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Article introduction

The nutrient value of isinglass is particularly tall, also call a flower glue, maw, this kind of alimental is advanced collagen protein content is particularly high, even if often edible, also won’t cause the condition of person occurrence put on weight. Additional, often eat isinglass, the skin to the female and color are having very big gain, besides, isinglass also is having fair officinal value. Below, introduce the relevant knowledge of isinglass in detail for everybody.

Eat isinglass for a long time the meeting is fat

One, what is isinglass

Isinglass namely swimming bladder (auxiliary breath organ) dry goods, rich colloid, friend name isinglass, also weigh maw, beautiful glue. Isinglass and bird’s nest, fim is eponymous, be ” 8 precious ” one of, element has ” marine ginseng ” praise. Its bases is a variety of microelement such as a variety of advanced collagen albumen, vitamins and calcium, zinc, iron, Selenium. Its protein content is as high as 84.2% , adipose it is only 0.2% , the high protein that is ideal is low adipose food. It is the human body complement, raw material that synthesizes protein, and be absorbed easily and use.

Eat isinglass for a long time the meeting is fat

2, eat isinglass to you can become fat?

What isinglass contains is not saturated and adipose, won’t cause get fat, can eat, exercise more at ordinary times, drink water more, eat hot food less, eat fruit and vegetable more.

Eat isinglass for a long time the meeting is fat

3, the nutrient value of isinglass

1, isinglass contains a lot ofcollagen albumen, collagen albumen reachs polysaccharide albumen to interweave each other with stretch albumen in connective tissue of human body cutaneous, form reticulate structure, have particular mechanical strength, be bear the corporeal foundation that holds human body curve in the palm. In addition, collagen albumen still has certain biology active, it participates in migratory, become divided of the cell, make the skin, skeleton and blood-vessel mechanical strength that keeps certain and flexibility.

2, beautiful to love woman will tell, isinglass is compensatory collagen albumen, maintain or restore the good choice of skin flexibility. The protein much in human body skin is collagen albumen, the reticulate structure that its form is propping up the skin, make skin becomes smooth and full, soft and bouncy. As the growth of the age, ability of human body metabolism is abate, what the skin cannot get collagen albumen is seasonable update and complement, bring about the skin finally to lose flexibility and ageing, appear flabby, drape, dry wait for a phenomenon, so albumen of timely and compensatory collagen, can make the skin restores green vitality.

3, in dietotherapy respect, the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine learns to think, isinglass flavour Gan Xingping, raise blood essence of solid of hemostatic, filling kidney, can cooperate Chinese traditional medicine to treat the; isinglass such as rheumatism sex heart disease, vasculitis to have the filling gas blood, effect that raises appearance with it, can use at enraging tired of exhausted body of hematic inadequacy, mind, skin not lustre, facial furrow person; isinglass can aid human body to eliminate exhaustion, restore to also have certain help to the cut of surgical operation patient.