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How is winter of patient of chronic second liver entered fill?

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The winter this year will compare in former years to want evening a few, although do not have snow, but air temperature had fallen 10 ℃ are the following. People has worn what the hand buys all sorts of benefiting to feed capable person, after all winter is good into what fill season.

Because the winter weather of northern region is dry cold, those who enter filling appropriate big Wen Dare article, wait like ox, hotpot, compensatory body vigour, increase drive cold capacity; And the Yangtse River with south although the area already entered a winter, but more northern region wants air temperature warmth is gotten much, into filling Ying Yiqing the flavour of filling Ganwen is given priority to, for instance chicken, duck, fish.

Can be latter, many netizens send correspondence to seek advice, oneself suffer from second liver big 3 this world, be in virus duplicate phase, whether to know winter also can eat the benefiting food such as flesh of chicken, egg, duck, beef, cruelly oppress?

Protein can repair is hepatic

The food of ” of the “ high protein such as egg, bean curd, milk, fish, chicken, sesame seed, pine nut, low quantity of heat, be liver love most. The rich protein in these food maintains labour ” with respect to the “ that resembles liver, can remove repair liver cell, stimulative liver the action of rejuvenesce.

And second liver is big 3 this world besides infectivity, the scathing rate that causes to liver is very old also, the ceaseless and duplicate meeting of the virus inside patient system causes sex of liver cell advance gradually drossy change necrotic, liver flocculus is destroyed by structural sex, liver function is maladjusted.

So, the answer is very simple, whether are no matter second liver is big,3 this world in mobile period, can have gallinaceous duck fish, just do not eat acrimony stimulation and drink, accept standardization treatment.


Protein is not absorbed overmuch, can accentuate otherwise hepatic metabolization burden, and for sclerotic to liver patient, the protein of excessive produces overmuch ammonia inside body, liver cannot not have its translate into poisonous material eduction, can bring about hepatic coma.

How is winter of patient of chronic second liver entered fill?

Liver ill patient absorbs how many protein appropriate

Generally speaking, keep slight work artificially normally, the high grade albumen that absorbs everyday should be 70 grams, be damaged to liver function and for abate person, the food that eats high protein more appropriately more be helpful for liver restoring health, prevent it to be harmed further, need because of this day 90? The protein of 100 grams.

Patient of hepatitis of noxiousness giving disease should notice the following when compensatory protein:

1, the protein that the person that has acute hepatitis absorbs everyday cannot little at 80 grams

2, the patient that has liver cirrhosis criterion cannot little at 100 grams. Heavy-duty hepatitis or liver cirrhosis have the patient of hepatic coma trend, answer to feed abstinence even protein less. The patient supply protein after hepatic coma restores also should begin from small amount.

3, does protein content have 16% only in flesh? 25% . Like lean beef medium protein is 20% , and the protein in chicken is occupied 25% . If that is to say eats 100 grams beef, can absorb 20 grams protein only.

4, use a plant protein wants collocation waiting for a quantity or at least 3: 1 collocation.

5, for ill to liver patient, unfavorable it is protein gross of 1 week inside 1/2 day dispose of, the proposal becomes 1 week protein branch 7 wait for a portion, take equal weight everyday.

6, dietary structure wants reasonable

The person must absorb the candy ability that 400 grams influence one day to make sure quantity of heat furnishs, otherwise good produce easiness protein not easily, be moved quantity of heat goes using up, not quite regrettablly?

In food balanced food grains other than wheat and rice of the vegetable that goes up to still must notice complement contains vitamin, microelement to abound everyday, fruit, food crops, especially green is vegetable, algal, stay of proceedings kind should mix tie-in ability to be helpful for liverish rehabilitation.

Biologist discovery, eat protein food and vegetable together when the person when going down, sheet eats gastric excretive digestive juice a kind of food should be gotten more much, cannot ignore melon dish fruit and corn to be opposite absolutely so protein auxiliary action.

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