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The fruit eats why when the most beautiful

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Outer and state-owned so a kind of view, namely “ the fruit in the morning is gold, arrive midday 3 o’clock is silver-colored afternoon, arrived at 3 o’clock 6 o’clock is copper, after 6 o’clock is plumbic ” . Morning is the gold period of draft fruit, the choice eats a fruit in the morning, have effect most to human body, can produce nutrient value more, produce the material of health of advantageous human body. Such view also has stated reason, but not be so absolutely.

Know the fruit has following effect at least now:

The first, the prandial fiber such as the pectic, cellulose that the fruit contains, semi-cellulose, lignin can promote alvine path peristalsis and defecate, have favorable effect to prevent and treating constipation; Because reduced defecate to in bowel medium retention period, have certain effect to preventing colon cancer to wait; The lead in be helpful for human body and other heavy metal from the eduction inside body; Reduce the absorption of cholesterol; The normal bacterium in for bowel group breed provides place and nourishment, the bacterium in be helpful for maintaining bowel to group evenly.

The 2nd, the fruit contains a lot ofpotassium, calcic, magnesium to wait mineral, show via the child after metabolization alkalescent, be called so alkalescent food. And the alimental metabolization such as the flesh, fish, egg, aquatic product, bean products is final child shows acidity, belong to acidification food. And the metabolism of human body issues ability on the rails in alkalescent condition only. A lot of people eat now more high protein, tall adipose with food of high heat energy, make blood shows acidity, so the fruit slants to correcting acidity environment, maintain the normal acid-base value inside body to have important sense.

The 3rd, the origin of the vitamin C that the mankind needs besides vegetable it is a fruit, the fruit still has synergism to vitamin C.

In addition, the albumen that exists in the fruit is enzymatic can promote protein digest; Compound has kind of yellow ketone in the fruit such as orange, cherry, citric, Sha Ji keep clear of the action of freedom radical.

The fruit eats why when the most beautiful 

Should develop fruity favorable effect, it is very important to have a way correctly.

According to 3 eat character- –

Generally speaking, fruit of the draft before breakfast already appetizing can promote a vitamin to absorb again, maw bowel passes one night after resting, the function still is in activation, digestive function is not strong, but the body needs compensatory and enough nutriment again, eat to digest absorption fruit easily right now, can be the job in the morning or learn an activity to offer nutrient place to need. But the fruit that before suiting eat, eats had better choose acidity not quite strong, acerbity flavour is not quite thick, wait like apple, pear, banana, grape. The person with gastric bowel bad function, unfavorable the fruit eats in this period of time.

Controlled at 10 o’clock in the morning, because pass a paragraph of nervous job and study, carbohydrate already basically used up almost to use up, eat a fruit right now, its fructose and dextrose can be absorbed by airframe quickly, with the energy that compensatory cerebra and body place require, and this one period of time also is the active phase that the body absorbs fitly, the many vitamin in the fruit and mineral, have first-rate stimulative effect to the metabolism inside body.

The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine thinks: Controlled at 10 o’clock in the morning, in relief gas rises, it is taste a day in the center the most exuberant when, taste empty weak chooses to eating a fruit right now, more be helpful for the body absorbing. Fruit of 1 hour of draft after eat conduces to disappear feeding, the fruit with the organic acid much content such as optional choose pineapple, yangtao, orange, hawkthorn. Fruit of the draft after dinner is gone against already digest, very easy because of overfeeding, make among them candy translate into adipose pile up inside body.

A variety of vitamins that human body contains to need in the fruit, mineral, carbohydrate, crude fibre, protein and adipose wait for nutriment, can promote healthy, achieve disease of prevention and cure then, raise Yan Meirong’s effect, be most suffer modern gay natural and healthy food.

Arrived again now the season that fresh fruit appears on the market in great quantities. But, draft fruit also should pay attention to time, fresh fruity is optimal edible period of time is in the morning. It is draft fruit likewise, if choose to eat a fruit in the morning, have effect most to human body, can produce nutrient value more, produce the material of health of advantageous human body. Because,this is, human body classics after the Morpheus of one night, the function of intestines and stomach still is in activation, digestive function is not strong, need compensatory and enough various nutriment again however, eat to digest absorption fruit easily right now, can deal with the nutrient place that work in the morning or studies an activity to need.

Anteprandial eat or eat after the meal?

Fat person is anteprandial eat, thin person eat after the meal.

Fruit itself produces heat little, belong to food of low heat energy, if eat a fruit to have a meal again first, let a fruit hold the certain dimension in the stomach, be helpful for decreasing take the amount that takes other provision, can prevent to absorb overmuch heat energy, to controlling weight, precaution is fat have certain effect. To needing the person that reduce weight, compare in anteprandial draft fruit pure and abstemious prandial have better effect.

However, perhaps need to add fat person to normal weight, after the time of draft fruit should put a rice. As to the how long after the meal, can be decided by individual feeling. If the food intake when have dinner is measured already very big, gastric embezzle bilges, can be after the meal fruit of 1-2 hour draft; If the food when have dinner is not much, not fat also, feel to more food can be accommodated in the stomach, eat a fruit at that time with respect to just as well. A lot of people have such experience, because summer is daily,eat half watermelon, as a result a summer comes down, grew many flesh. Because this added many candy cent besides 3 eat, the result causes adipose addition.

Remember well after the eat before eat no matter noticed at 4 o’clock:

The first, not hollow eat the fruit with acerb too thick flavour, avoid to produce stimulation to gastric ministry, the protein in returning likelihood and stomach forms the material that dissolves not easily.

The 2nd, not satiate hind eat a fruit instantly. The food block sluggish that such meetings are arrived at by in advance is inside the stomach, cause a fruit to cannot be digested normally inside the stomach, ferment inside the stomach however, cause the symptom such as abdominal distension, diarrhoea or constipation thereby. If things go on like this still can cause digestive function disorder, still can bring additional energy additionally.

The 3rd, what need an attention particularly is fruity temperature. If ate much fat food, eat the fruit of many Leng Liang again, the blood-vessel in the stomach suffers cold systole, for frail to intestines and stomach, more sensitive to Leng Liang person, the influence digests the likelihood absorb, create gastric department even unwell. Accordingly, eat a fruit to answer with normal temperature advisable, do not want the fruit that gluttonous Gang Congbing takes in box.

The 4th, choice fruit breed ought to consider a constitution. Diabetic person should be divided when choice candy low, pectic tall fruit, wait like strawberry, peach; Anaemic patient should choose the longan with vitamin C higher content, jujube, strawberry to wait; Abdominal and easy cold painful diarrhoea person ought to avoid banana and pear, etc. This respect can seek advice from decision of expert of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine.

Additional, draft fruit is not the more the better, comfortable from time to time is fed, beneficial to the body, if surfeit or gluttonize or not agree with with season, also can cause disease.

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