“Heavy snow ” the weather characteristic of season – every day net of preserve one’s health

“Heavy snow ” the weather characteristic of season

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 The weather characteristic of solar term of ” of “ heavy snow 

In south, especially Guangzhou and bead trigonometry is taken, however still wood luxuriantly green, dry sense is apparent still, differ with northward climate very big. Snow of climate of southern region winter is friendly and little rain, average air temperature is longer downstream area is made an appointment with in the river tall 2 ℃ come 4 ℃ , rainfall occupies annual only 5% the left and right sides. Have snowfall occasionally, appear in mostly 1, Feburary; Ground firn 3, 5 years difficult see. If can witness Kai of white of earth white snow, greenery wraps around silver acts the role of jade, often be lifelong and unforgettable fun. At this moment, hua Na climate still has brumous characteristic, general December is the month with mist most day. Mist appears in normally nightly without the cloud or partly cloudy early morning, aerography says for radiation mist. 10 mist of “ 9 fines ” , mist is in more ante meridiem is abreaction, postmeridian sunshine can appear warm all the more. Heavy snow season, the following kinds of weather are relatively common.

  Drop in temperature

Somebody has made count, the month with our country strong most cold air is in November. The average temperature December is in northward major area about between ℃ of –5 ℃ ~–20, after southern strong cold air passes, also can appear sometimes frost. Chill is very adverse to the health of body weak and old people.

   Heavy snow (blizzard)

We know, strong cold air often can form bigger range snowfall or bureau ground blizzard. The benefit of snowfall is very much, be helpful for alleviating especially wintry drought, freeze to death farm ill bug, be helpful for what winter travels beginning. But snowfall road slips, change Xue Chengbing, bring about accident of traffic of incur loss through delay of civil aviaton airliner, highway and driveway easily to embrace; The blizzard seal a moutain pass of specific area, Feng Lu still can is opposite prairie of a pasturing area (call white calamity) person cultivate safety causes menace.

   Sleet (pluvial Song)

Strong cold air arrives at south, especially and other places of Guizhou, Hunan, Hubei, appear easily sleet. Sleet is the snowflake that from headroom cold layer descends, melt sometimes to middle-level Cheng Yu, to low altitude cold layer, although,become temperature again under 0 ℃ , but remain drip-drop cross cooling water. Too cooling water drops from inside sky, reach the floor when it, come up against ground when any objects, happen immediately freeze, formed sleet. When occurrence sleet, a cobbly appears to put housing on the ice on the ground and object, can cause great effect to traffic, electric power, communication, still can cause a fruiter to mar. Basis ” in the Yangtse River downstream climate ” the statistic in one book, annual in December, air temperature of downstream in the Yangtse River area is when –3~0 ℃ , appear easily sleet, sleet occurrence odds is occupied 76% .

  Mist Song

According to statistic, will begin every year in November commonly second year in Feburary, northwest, northeast and greater part of catchment of the Yangtse River, meet early or late misty Song appears, humidity is big a mountainous area see more quite. Mist Song is the lunt in the air when microtherm direct sublimate, or super-cooling droplet is frozen directly, in the deposit of ivory ice crystal on the object. Day of Song of mist of our country winter counts much place to have: Shaanxi is north of Heilongjiang, Jilin, Xinjiang, upper. Among them, the mist Song with Jilin is most famous, successive mist Song of a few days, world of formation ice and snow, the person that lets like travel and photography is surprizing unceasingly. Mist Song is a kind of natural beautiful scenery that is admired generally by people, but it also can become a kind of natural disaster sometimes, serious when can press electrical wiring, tree, influence traffic, power supply and communication.

  Mist haze

December, in just stride hiemal Changjiang Delta, when morning air temperature is lower, or be after pluvial snow passes, close ground humidity is big, appear likely still into piece big mist area. The mist haze weather of northern city also can hit an encounter.

  Ice run

Winter, reach of Inner Mongolia Baotou is frozen Feng He, and slant the Lanzhou river south does not have Feng He, river water flows to the reach that has sealed a river, because seal the ice on the reach of the river,layer and approach dam stopped the river water that upper reaches comes down, force water level drive up, unboiled water is produced easily to overflow the calamity of dike in Baotou reach. If strong cold air comes late, cause disaster drifting approach easily in December, be worth to pay close attention to.