The note of 7 Lian Yuga – every day net of preserve one’s health

The note of 7 Lian Yuga

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 [introduction] 7 practiceGem galnote, fitness of vogue gem gal gets the praise highly of a lot of people, but the result that some doctors blame to gem gal moves to did not achieve health not only however, the person that give a practice instead brought a few harm. Below small write the note that tells you 7 Lian Yuga, precautionary gem gal practices the unexpected loss in the process, the gem gal that lets you practices 0 get hurt.

   The note of 7 Lian Yuga

 1. Gem gal regards a kind of fitness as means, remember before the exercise first warm up a few minutes. Each inches of change that listens attentively to oneself dark and gently breath to experience the body is adopted in the exercise, guide you to arrive from a pose another. If feel unwell, ought to delay gem gal action.

   2.Gem gal movement needs careful in the accumulation of the elapse of time and experience exercise. After becoming you to there is the basic knowledge to the movement in brains, reoccupy body goes trying. If be exercise shedding,gem gal perhaps heats up gem gal to have challenge sex more. When you extend body perhaps squashs muscle moment, did not feel ache, nervous or fatigue, so you are OK and bold the body that invites your breathing zone to get you is done weller.

    The note.jpg of 7 Lian Yuga

The note of 7 Lian Yuga

 3. Choose a gem gal teacher that has experience, remember his method and style well. The teacher that lets you before attend class knows your body state, do not want be ashamed to whether suit to practice gem gal at asking your body, if your teacher cannot offer feedback to your specific body state, so apparent this is a clew: He may not suit you.

  4. Do not imitate other one, doing not have two people is body condition it is identical, the person that do not go following other practice vies, because he is done,also not be less than a certain movement and distress, everybody has his actor inferior position. The limit that oneself challenge below the case that you should permit in him body only can.

   The note 2.jpg of 7 Lian Yuga

The note of 7 Lian Yuga

  5.Hold to barefoot exercise, wearing the dress that natural fiber fabric makes active of soft and comfortable, blame, the skin that can let you so breathes better.

   6.The body that is familiar with oneself each place, especially your double leg double foot, coccygeal, ischiadic, pubic, sacrum, rib is clavicular, bladebone, cervical and the position such as your head.

  7. Do not fear to use the auxiliary stage property of gem gal. They can help each place of our better extend body, make our fitness process more efficient at the same time.

   Every day preserve one’s healthOffer “7 note ” of Lian Yuga is read, if you like these “7 that share very much note ” content of Lian Yuga, hope you pass “7 note ” of Lian Yuga, find the golden key that leads to healthy road.

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