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    Glans is phlogistic caused not little harm to male friends, now more and more the male friends that come begin to pay close attention to the topic with phlogistic glans, and notice precautionary glans phlogistic disease, bag bine meets those who cause glans clean difficulty, may increase glans so the opportunity that phlogistic happening. So, after all what does the symptom with wrapping phlogistic glans have? We introduce below.

1, glans of wrapping of cricoid canker sex is phlogistic, on glans and wrapping, see erythema, expand gradually, show cricoid, can form surface of the shallow ulcer that express a gender.

2, glans of wrapping of sex of acute simple table is phlogistic, in infection initial stage appears localThe skin is aglow, strut, sensory glans has glowing andSao is urticant, turn over wrapping again, see the face inside wrapping and glansHyperaemiaErosion, have ooze liquid, evenBleed. Afterwards sends infectionSmall ulcer is seen after, fetid is ivoryPurulent sex secretion. If grind to feel aching namely with briefs, patient often the activity is disadvantageous. Can accompany those who have inguinal lymph node is intumescent andTenderness.

3, glans of wrapping of sex of lubricious beads bacterium is phlogistic, erythema is seen in wrapping and glans, the surface is slick, have small bleb, the edge of erythema is clearer, acute breaks out from time to tome fluid of erosion, ooze.

4, glans of trichomonad sex wrapping is phlogistic, can cause papule and erythema, expand gradually, the edge is clear, the small blister of syringe needle size is seen on erythema, form erosion surface finally.

Does the male suffer from what symptom is there after is glans phlogistic? Afore-mentioned it is an expert phlogistic to wrapping glans symptom undertook introductory, in our daily life, seasonable understanding head is phlogistic, to shifting to an earlier date precaution and cure are very helpful, want the happening with our seasonable understanding phlogistic head only, can glans is phlogistic be in commonly male friend carelessly oneself individual is wholesome, or because traumatic the advantage that waited for a reason to give a bacterium to cause, because affect,be met likely and cause the happening of this disease. Respecting wrapping glans affects a factor phlogisticly, basically be most actually cause disease with 3 kinds microbial about.

One, trichomonad affects this kind of situation is the spouse with the patient is concerned more, if the woman suffers from vaginal trichomonad disease to wait, possible meeting infects the man, cause glans phlogistic come on. Because trichomonad affects what what cause to come on, general symptom is lighter, main show can remove a few erythema, papula, urine blister to wait on glans ministry of the patient namely, and the state is clearer, limits also can expand gradually, the patient often can feel Sao is extremely urticant.

2, because beads bacterium is a kind of condition sends ill fungus,beads bacterium is affected, the glans that so it brings about is phlogistic it is afterwards hair commonly atSugar make waterIll. Sexual disease is wasted in old age after many perhaps antibiotic, hormone is treated, very easy meeting causes the former glans that send a gender phlogistic. And this kind of case sends beads bacterium the man by the spouse more, this also is one of infection elements with wrapping phlogistic glans.

3, if patient itself suffers from glans of some kind of wrapping,amoeba protozoon is affected phlogistic kind of pathological changes, so its are local very easy meeting loses normal protective screen effect, protozoon of then occurrence amoeba affects the condition that causes disease through alvine path. The glans inflammation condition that place of this kind of circumstance causes basically is a patient is local produce erosion, ulcer, The organization is necroticEtc, and the symptom is apparent, the harm is greater.

Was familiar with the infection element with these wrapping phlogistic glans, hope broad man friend can is opposite oneself body adds an attention more, do not give a disease any chances. Additional, everybody also ought to notice to exercise in the life, enhance the strength of the body. Have effectively treatment in time, fall the harm of the disease thereby most bottom.

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