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The happening of orgasm of male and female and development are disparate, woman orgasm happens late, development is gently, subsidise is slow also. Some women never may have had orgasm. Man orgasm the force with which sth breaks out is swift and violent, reaction is strong, be like tempest, but subsidise is very fast also.

According to report, because the intense stimulation when sexual intercourse makes height of system of muscle of the man’s sexual organs, pallium, nerve excited,this is, phallic nerve is in ejaculation hind not to answer period condition, sexual excitement disappears suddenly, the high excitement of each organs before orgasm also removes suddenly subsequently, system of muscle of pallium, nerve turns quickly to restrain period, can feel at this momentFatigueThink of sleep. The exhaustion after so the man makes love considers the normal performance that sleeping is healthy sexual life, need not misgive.

From biology developmental angle observes, the animal also has similar reaction, “ marriage is called to sleep on biology condition ” . For example moth kind copulatory after entering orgasm, in pairs is enteredLethargyCondition, person of unfirmly closing of at one’s convenience is caught, also do not escape.

Sleep because of after this people makes love to the man, be being thought of due and proper understanding, not spoffish, especially the woman ought to cooperate actively after sexual intercourse, the “ marriage that defends a man sleeps ” condition, do not push him, call him, should not pester him to repeat sexual intercourse more. It is very important that because right now “ marriage sleeps,” restores to the man’s energy. If sleep well, morrow early morning can feel the whole body is light, walking is light, thinking is nimble, energetic.

Can feel top-heavy otherwise, drowsy, Thinking is disorder, Spirit is dispirited, it won’t be long, with respect to meeting occurrence dizzinessDisgusting, lumbar acerbity night sweat, nerveFeeble, impotent seminal emissionKidney deficiency of yangSymptom, still can appear after repeating sexual intercourse for many times evenCollapse, the dangerous diagnostic such as phallic vein cruor, cause cardiac muscle to straighten dead even, bring about accident tragic.

Newlywed people, aged couples, should know “ marriage to sleep the importance of ” , notice coital health care, build the sexual life of a kind of healthy harmony.

(the exercitation edits: Cai Junyi)

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