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   The men and women makes loveBe must demand of body and mind, Sex processSexual intercourse of whether harmonious immediate impact agrees degree. Correct, successfulSex processCan letMen and womenBody and mind all reachs cheerful, free from worry state, can let each other experience finish at the same timeClimax. Sex processShould from arouseSexual desire, activation body excitement is spent begin, specific main points is as follows.

   1, excitement period
   The both sides that has coital psychology provision makes through all sorts of stimulation sexual desire is achieved cannot the degree of keep within limits, sexual fire is burning, bestrewNervousFeeling, the move can’ts help, both sides has intense genital contactDesire, two phase make love, come naturally.
   2, ForeplayTime
   The foreplay is the spouse excitement that lets you, kiss, good method that caress and stimulates sexual desire.
   3, platform period
   As the phallic attrition inside the vagina, the union on physiology brought the sexual pleasure of mentally, bilateral dispute often is mixed intimately depend on, animosity is cannot shirt-sleeve. Notable is, the female accepts length of the penis in the vagina to be controlled for 12 centimeters only normally, excessive can bring about male penis ache forcibly. Psychological experience changes as physiology and increase. A lot of gender experience use all sorts of technologies to increase and lengthen experience of this kind of psychology.

   But the man needs to understand, major woman pretends the climax is for please man, was thought woman, just do not experience their climax. As the addition that psychology experiences, coital behavior becomes in spite of oneself, this is the signal of orgasm. A pair of suit spouses can issue the signal that the climax comes with all sorts of means, affect each other thereby, reach a climax jointly, the happiest hour in sharing the life and experience.
   4, climax period
   It is through both sides in ceaseless low sex process, sexual desire is accumulated further, until strong desire abreacts, in the hour that sexual love abreacts, bilateral metropolis experiences unprecedented pleasure. Same, this kind of feeling also because of the person different, because of different of from time to time, because of the ground different. The experience of a climax mixes man and woman particularly strongly powerful, enough shock soul, let a person think dead. This kind of feeling, in a sense, it is to die to be reflected instinctively, let a person although indulge to also be met among them,feel gone. Some people paid heavy price for this. The beginning of climax of female sexual desire, accompany mostly wave as the suspense of a kind of instant medicinal powder all over, feel pubic muscle produces convulsion and convulsion finally, pelvic cavity is palpitant, reach the climax of orgasm. Birth affection.
   Next, the clitoris can have strong warm current to feel, cross the pelvis gradually when the climax, human consciousness and consciousness can drop, still have slight swimmy feeling, can faint because of intense sexual pleasure even. Accordingly, the nervous feeling of female body balks, breaking down all over is the mark that the climax comes. The man begins ejaculation is to reach a climax. When close ejaculation, a kind of impulse makes its are controlled hard, as seminal eduction, sexual desire gets huge abreacts and contented. Make love in every time in, the man must achieve this kind of state to just calculate perfect sexual intercourse.

   5, subsidise period
   After experiencing orgasm, both sides experienced coital fun adequately. The sexual affection between the couple increases further, the sentiment that appreciates each other arises spontaneously. They realise love is consecratory adequately, you give the other side how many love, can get how many love. The difference that goes up in physiology reaction as a result of the male and female, the length of the epilogue after the climax is different.
   After the climax, the male is main task with resting in subsidise phase, may undertake other activity instantly. And female criterion otherwise, the aftertaste after the climax passes was not used up, need farther physiology and psychological stimulation, ability makes sexual feeling tends complete, what feel from the bottom of one’s heart for sexual intercourse is contented. Continueing to caress the woman that is in extinct phase is indispensable, otherwise, the woman can think the man is selfish, it is oneself happiness only. Forsaken feeling reduced the female their sexual interest.

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