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  Erect functional obstacleIt is to point to the male to ask in sexual impulse and sexual intercourse next penises cannot erect or the penis can erect only normally but cannot keep enough rigidity, the penis when as a result makes love cannot buy enters the vagina or buy enters vaginal inward turning namely molten. Erect functional obstacle is to show the penis cannot enter the vagina to undertake; can enter what the vagina undertakes coital to be not called namely coital erect functional obstacle. International erects the definition that functional obstacle learns to make to its is: The penis when sexual intercourse cannot erect effectively send sexual intercourse to be not satisfied. Erect functional obstacle is the maleSexual dysfunctionIn most common disease, its incidence of a disease is 10% .

(1) spirit sex erects functional obstacle: Element of sex of ① immanent spirit. Envy the energy of life with strong this world of male of feeling of crime of woman of hate of affectionate, be disgusted with, sex, lack. ② is human the element between. Be like the dependence of impropriety, competition fails, annoy for a long time and hate, the spouse has crisis of chronic, life to wait. ③ experience group is an element: If lack sexual knowledge, wrong sexual experience, sexual behavior pressing, outside looks on etc.

(2) hemal sex erects functional obstacle: The penis erects the hemal change ability that must have 3 sides is finished. Reflex action to issue arterial and active dilate in nerve namely, flow of sponge body blood increases Dou Songchi of blood of; sponge body, dilate, HyperaemiaPassive press press mixes vein of; sponge body to contract actively, obstruction heighten; is additional, still need a normal white film. Among them any on one hand blemish can make the penis erects obstacle, namely hemal sex erects functional obstacle.

(3) nerve sex erects functional obstacle: Centre and all round the nerve reflecting boundary that nerval pathological changes can cause the penis to erect, include spinal cord injury and the disease inside skull, spinal cord illness, all round nerve function obstacle.

(4) endocrine sex erects functional obstacle: Function of the former germen that send a gender is low function of germen of sex of; afterwards hair is low Jia Kang of; of disease of blood of element of breast of; tall secrete, armour is low the change that all can affect sex hormone.

(5) medicaments etc implement qualitative sex disease: Medicaments is brought about erect disease of itself of organ of reproduction of; of functional obstacle common occurance, if next urethral cracking,crack on the road with make water wait for a disease, yi Ke is brought about erect obstacle.

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