How is home of appropriate of look upon net exposing to the sun indelicate take episode? The social morality in our eye – flying Hua Jiankang net

Be in China each street of big city, appropriate home is very common chain brand. But in former daysHome of net appropriate exposing to the sun is indelicate according toThe happening of incident, also make a lot of people feel not shame and astonish. When remembering becoming, Home of net appropriate exposing to the sun is indelicate according toThe first photograph has not been passed, a few netizens give out the 2nd, exceed large-scale photograph very hot eye also shook netizen, how can such despise behavior happen in public? Home of net appropriate exposing to the sun is indelicate according toIncident brings people besides astonish? Whether to still have the enlightenment of social morality?

As a result of the lessons drawn from others’ mistakes of video of actor garment library, many netizens are indelicate to appropriate home also support distrustful attitude according to incident, suspect this is hype of a commerce, but make a statement very quickly when home of what is appropriate to the occasion say to have nothing to do with appropriate home.

Appropriate home is indelicate the happening that takes episode, it is small bazaar of a few pieces of women appeared suddenly on rich naked according to, claiming discover in Beijing appropriate home. “Naked according to ” the woman looks very informal, worry to be seen not at all. This girl did not wear underwear, also did not wear filar socks. She issues half body to did not wear any dresses, also do not have any ashamed expression…

Just allegedly appropriate home opened a new store in Beijing at that time, netizens suspect whether this is hype. Through media the report says appropriate home denied hype later, say these photographs do not film in Beijing appropriate home absolutely, already called the police. Appropriate home published subsequently about appropriate home market the statement of indelicate photograph incident, with Chinese and English clarify ” the hype that appropriate home denies indelicate photograph incident is a new store, hope consumer abides by social morality ” .

After the photograph of those dishonour on small gain is released before long, netizens discovered again more naked according to. These setting happen in domestic shopping centers it seems that, and heroine is very similar also. They are called appropriate home the 2nd batch indelicate the picture that take. Although a lot of netizens also are exploring the feminine lead of incident of appropriate home photograph, but say according to a few netizens, in fact, these photographs come from a forum, be a few alleged ” additional kind ” the work of photography lover.

Beijing police already undertook investigating later, former photograph already was deleted from small gain. Actually this kind of incident ever also happened in Taiwan, bigger even public, the subway stands.

Investigate after all, home of appropriate of so called Beijing is naked taking episode perhaps is only a few ” artist ” fraud, but public exceeding is nake, existence touchs the venture that makes law!

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