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   MentionHong Kong colourful star, everybody can think of lintel of Li Lizhen, Shu Qi, Xie Yuqing, leaf is waited a moment for certain, these female star 3 class piece once fashionable whole nation. As the addition of fame and age, Hong Kong colourful starConsidering how transition, 3 class female star wants to return to normal the life is not easy. Nevertheless, Hong Kong colourful starThere also is riches and honour to hold concurrently after transition, a few 3 class star below the model that attributes success of retire, transition, marriage.

   Hong Kong colourful star: Li Lizhen

   Li Lizhen, 1993, of Li Lizhen act art the career was immersed in bottleneck, brewing a transition. She goes out performed two three-layer piece, ” mature when peach ” and ” the spirit of love ” , for her the quantity has something made to order this personally. Li Lizhen, those who promoted oneself is famous degree, want her to think only appropriate, she can be received. In 20 years of in the past, li Lizhen’s experience also is free and easy all the time rise and fall. She promises to was married 1996 musician of a Hong Kong, but this short marriage ends after 4 years, left a daughter.

   Rich star Li Lizhen can is recently have double happiness, tacit old, sharp response is good, it is the good news remarries, live apart with old lover old, meet again of broken looking glass. To Li Lizhen of nearly 50 years old, double happiness is worth to celebrate absolutely.

   Hong Kong colourful star: Chen Baolian

   1990, chen Baolian attended inferior outstanding the match that choose the United States, but the appearance as a result of her beauty and round figure, caused the attention of film producer. 1991, mothers of 18 years old of the following requirement of old treasure lotus and she signs a 3 form piece ” Liao Zhai Abba of 3 collect lantern ” show contract, and personate heroine.

   Subsequently, he was obtained again ” beautiful market runs ” , ” in May cherry lip ” , ” wife runs archives ” , ” sword slave ” wait for 3 class piece. Chen Baolian because 3 class piece after becaming famous, brewing transition, but her performance and affection method are not smooth, and because be suspected of drug taking, her psychosis is not stable also. Late on July 31, 2002, chen Baolian of 29 years old commits suicideFrom incomplete, from Shanghai Nanyang road jump down on 24 housetop.

   Hong Kong colourful star: Xie Yuqing

   1985, xie Yuqing is awarded the first ” Asian young lady ” the 3rd, the autograph makes an appointment with Asian TV station. Show of nearly 20 teleplay, resonant flatly. 1991, xie Yuqing depends on him ” queasy ” condition, through careful consideration, filmed ” uncontrollably ” , ” I am clear insanity ” , ” Qing Benmei ” 3 3 class piece. She accumulated many pieces of 3000 box-office income, created myth of booking office of a 3 class, replace leaf plum successfully to become the most well-known 3 stage actress.

   After she becomes famous, xie Yuqing is brewing a change. 1993, she falls to be performed in housetop in moon. She is nominated to be Hong Kong gold to resemble award and award of Taiwan Jin Ma optimal actress, her acting got affirmation. 1996, xie Yuqing announces suddenly to retire, with beautiful Ji Huayi mercantile Hu Zhaoming marries, resident United States. It has 8 billion population today. From ” 3 stage actress ” arrive ” madam of rich and powerful family ” , xie Yuqing wrote romance of a life.

   Hong Kong colourful star: Shu Qi

   1996, shu Qi develops Hong Kong from Taiwan, be discovered by Wang Jing. Ever acted the leading role ” red-light district ” , ” classics of heart of girl of jade of jade cattail hassock ” wait for classical three-layer piece, become famous overnight achieve instant fame. Of the same age, winter of Er of personate of easy fine jade rises ” pornographic men and women ” , award of two optimal female costar and award of optimal new personality are had the honor to win in award of Hong Kong film. She becomes Hong Kong on film history exclusive one wins honorary female star in making 3 class movie.

   After obtaining Hong Kong gold to resemble award, shu Qi begins to control the amount of receiver. Shu Qi is passed ” vitreous city ” , ” sunset angel ” , ” blame sincere not faze ” the film that waits for a series of high quality, high prestige, cast off successfully ” 3 stage actress ” shadow, a gleam of that makes recreational group is popular actress.

   Hong Kong colourful star: Leaf lintel

   1988, leaf plum is in ATV jobThe mood is low, tone inspects a company to fine He Ying, took over those who become dragon ” Xiang Yu the Conqueror is beautiful ” . Be in ” Xiang Yu the Conqueror is beautiful ” in, the 32I of leaf plum overspreads cup and a 21 inches waistline, left deep impression to the audience.

   1992, leaf plum and orthopaedics doctor Liu Xizhao are acquainted, love each other walk out of recreational group. Leaf plum pursues meal trade at present, in mid have cafeteria of a Japan. He runs a Sino-Japanese restaurant in Macao, live in 21 million dollar (about 4.2 million dollar) a person of extraordinary powers curtilage in, live in Hong Kong.

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