The practice of fish of baked wheaten cake

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  • The practice of fish of baked wheaten cake, how is fish of baked wheaten cake done delicious

      〔 advocate expect complementary makings 〕

    The fish that raise a hand (1000 grams) , field mint (20 grams) , powder of green ginger garlic (20 grams) , fennel Xie Mo (20 grams) , green pepper end (20 grams) , lemongrass grass (100 grams) , Qingjiang.

       〔 cooks methodological 〕

    Go to the fish that raise a hand branchial and splanchnic, clean clean, cent becomes 2, one gets off cruelly oppress, beat Cheng Rong mixes with afore-mentioned condiment stuffing, outside face of skin of fish of the; inside the piscine abdomen that sets stuffing another fish, head end changes approach, bind with lemongrass grass crisscross, reoccupy banana leaf has been wrapped, bake in embedded charcoal fire ripe, take out, go banana leaf and lemongrass grass, install dish can.

       Network of cate of preserve one’s health is small stick person:

    Raw fish base should use banana Xie Bao is severe, in embedded charcoal fire, bake about 40 minutes or so. Piscine base namely ripe, take the advantage of the desk on heat, also can follow dish of flavour of salt of Chinese prickly ash.

       〕 of 〔 gust characteristic

    1. Rice field pisciculture, run in the family. Every time when paddy is mature, the fish already grew fertilizer, rice field ditch turns on the water, deal with in water mouth one bamboo basket, piscine downstream is entered basket, carry come home cook, fun is boundless.

    2. Be located in another name for Yunnan Province the Dai nationality on the west, adjust measures to local conditions, the rice field fills breed to raise hand fish. Raise hand fish. Renown mustache fish, originate in De Hongzhou, happy event grow in the paddy field, big person body length 20 centimeters. Make an appointment with 1 kilogram again, the head is big compressed, the mouth is like frog greatly, labrum both sides has two symmetrical beards, pectoral fin both sides has a pair of hard thorn each, extremely sharp, can raise the hand of captor broken. Friend name. This cruelly oppress is thick qualitative fine, nutrition is rich, contain cholesterol and egg to pledge oneself taller.

    3. Cook this tasting with the fish that raise a hand, soft tender delicacy is sweet, fragrance is tangy, appetite soars, it is name of season of gust of Yunnan Dai nationality is tasted.

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