Ormosia pignut the practice of phoenix claw soup

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  • This ormosia blame is unripe austral most the those ormosia of lovesickness, it renown bare red bean, provide a blood to enrich the blood, be good at lienal desiccative effect, with be good at lienal the pignut with the stomach is tie-in, bring out the best in each other of it may be said, the gallinaceous claw that adds albumen of can compensatory collagen is stewed together boil boil boiling water, flavour is full-bodied and soup juice is delicious.

    Ormosia pignut the practice of phoenix claw soup and how to do delicious

    Advocate makings: ? At ungual 300g of 50g of?0g, pignut, chicken.

    Complementary makings: ? Ask persimmon persimmon of scabbard of  of handsome ⒅ potato lifter persimmon of  of handsome ⑸  persimmon of scabbard of handsome  illicit handsome?

       Ormosia pignut the practice of phoenix claw soup:

    1. Preparation feeds capable person: Keel of claw of ormosia, pignut, chicken, pig, ormosia and pignut shift to an earlier date bubble hair.

    2. Cut gallinaceous claw go toenail, put a stockpot together with keel, add right amount clear water, ginger together, anise, boil water.

    3. Claw of fish out chicken and keel, wash net surplus foam with clear water, abandon ginger, anise need not.

    4. Will abluent chicken claw, keel puts high-pressured bowl.

    5. Enter ormosia and pignut.

    6. Add right amount clear water.

    7. Build, big baked wheaten cake leaves, turn small fire stews 25 minutes.

    8. Open a lid, add right amount salt.

    9. Phoenix claw soup can enjoy ormosia pignut.

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