4 kinds of food with adverse to be pregnant vigilance

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  • Can give birth to a healthy darling, the preparation before pregnant is very important. These a few kinds of may adverse to be pregnant food, the woman that preparation is pregnant wants careful vigilance.

    4 kinds of food with adverse to be pregnant vigilance, what food is bad to pregnant woman

      One coffee

    The researcher of institute of science of sanitation of environment of American whole nation, hope to 104 pregnant female undertakes study, conclude: Coffee has immediate effect to becoming pregnant. In these females, drink the female of above of a cup of coffee everyday, pregnant possibility is the half of the person that do not drink this kind of beverage only.

    4 kinds of food with adverse to be pregnant vigilance, what food is bad to pregnant woman

      2 celery

    According to the report, abroad has a doctor to pass experimental discovery, the man takes celery to meet those who restrain spermary ketone generate more, can reduce spermatozoon amount. Successive much solar eclipse uses the healthy and good, young man that has fecundity after celery, spermatozoon estimates the rate that can reduce to arrive to become pregnant hard even apparently. Nevertheless this kind of circumstance is in a few months after staying course can return to normal again.

       3 Chinese flowering quince

    How old the several females understanding to papaya on the effect such as breast enhancement of be confined to, beautiful white, thin body. Actually papaya still has another kind of effect: It is a kind of very effective prophylactic. Because protein of enzymatic Chinese flowering quince is contained in papaya enzymatic, but with progesterone interaction, achieve contraceptive result thereby, do not suggest to have the female of pregnant crosses much edible.

       4 garlic

    Overmuch edible garlic also can reduce spermatozoon amount of the male, affect male fecundity. Feed garlic to be able to overcome the healthy atmosphere of cut down person more, still can cause the apparent effect that exterminates spermatozoon, do not use prepare the family that be pregnant to cross much edible.

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