Red before jujube has so much have a way I took the world of cate of _ of false red jujube before

Red before jujube has so much have a way I ate false red jujube before

2017-06-14 15:04:25

The friend that says red jujube is a woman had not been been, lung having profit relieves a cough, beneficial gas is raised colour, raise liver to discharge the effect such as poison, daily female much edible can achieve favorable nourishing result, how does red nevertheless jujube eat? What a few red jujubes introduce below is a lot of have a way, you can suspect these year oneself ate false red jujube…

Tea of red jujube honey

Red jujube (go nucleus) 150 grams, rock candy 50 grams, add water 350 milliliter are thoroughlied cook, receive dry moisture, pound jujube paste. Rejoin honey 250 milliliter mix divide evenly, in filling the vitreous bottle that is in clean, drinkable when take 1 teaspoon to add warm boiled water can. Big jujube, honey is lukewarm sex feeds capable person, in cold winter, it is OK to drink such a cup of tea compensatory vigour, increase quantity of heat.

Agaric Gong Zaoshang

Black agaric 10 grams, red jujube 50 grams, white sugar is right amount, with right amount water, after thoroughlying cook black agaric and red jujube, join white sugar can. Black agaric is OK clear lung, beneficial is angry, red jujube enrichs the blood, raise colour. After ending from before classics 1 considerate menstruation, the edible that lie between a day can alleviate period is anaemic, make complexion ruddy and lovely.

Red jujube water

Red jujube 10 (break) , barley 100 grams, add water 7 times, take after decoction below. Do not add candy. The special material that Gong Zaozhong contains a lot ofcan reduce allergic medium release, eat red jujube to be able to cure allergy more.

Chicken broth of black of donkey-hide gelatin red jujube

Material: Practice of black chicken, donkey-hide gelatin, sealwort, Gorgon fruit, longan, red jujube, medlar, mulberry: Stew boil 3 hours, old fire stew. Characteristic: Raise liver, profit gas, enrich the blood, method of treating yin deficiency by reinforcing body fluid and nourishing the blood.

Congee of angelica red jujube

Angelica is 15 grams, red jujube 50 grams, white sugar 20 grams, rice 50 grams. Use angelica moment of lukewarm leach bubble first, add water 200 grams, first decoct concentrated juice 100 grams, go broken bits takes juice, add water together with rice, red jujube and white sugar right amount, boil become to congee. Daily time is tepid take, 10 days are a period of treatment. This congee is had enrich the blood regulate the menstrual function, invigorate the circulation of blood is acetanilide, the function with embellish aperient bowel, apply to the inadequacy that enrage blood, menstruation to be not moved, amenorrhoea dysmenorrhoea, deficiency of blood and pathological changes caused by it has a headache, swimmy reach the disease such as constipation.

Red jujube joins a surname to cream

Red jujube 30, yuan join 30 grams, Wu Mei 6, a surname child 15 grams, add water 4 bowls of boil join right amount rock candy after 20 minutes (usable also brown sugar) , decoct comes small stiff, wait for a bit cool hind reserve with what container installs. General every time 2 spoon, daily 2. This creams the beneficial in can filling is enraged, raise blood to enrich the blood, more agree with body empty, taste loses or the take good care of sb after the operation.

Congee of red jujube medlar

Material: Red jujube 70g, medlar 15g, rice 100g. Practice: 1. First will red jujube, medlar feed capable person first bubble water is cleaned clean, 2. Red jujube, medlar, rice, water is put together thoroughly cook inside boiler, add brown sugar to flavor appropriately can, 3. Can need of according to individual and control of be fond of are ropy degree and sweet degree.

Head congee of Wu Gong jujube

Pink of the tuber of multiflower knotweed is 25 grams, red jujube 50 grams, rock candy 15 grams, rice 50 grams. Enter rice, red jujube boiler together first, infusion becomes congee. Wait for congee half ripe when join white of the tuber of multiflower knotweed, the edge boils edge agitate divide evenly, to congee ropy become namely, rejoin rock candy flavors. This congee has the effect such as blood of essence of filling liver kidney, beneficial, aperient, detoxify, apply to liver kidney the lightheaded, insomnia that blood of two empty, essence is not worth be caused by the disease such as involuntary emission of forgetful, nocturnal emission, senile sex hypertension, hemal sclerotic patient is long take but prolong life.

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