The yam that bake began to sell, eat yam what to profit there is? _ cate the world

The yam that bake began to sell, eat yam what to profit there is?

2018-08-21 13:37:20

Weather turns cool, appeared to bake the small vendor’s stand of yam in succession on the street, sweet wave 4 excessive. Yam is the food of very common coarse food grain in the life, its nutrition value is very high, eat yam to be able to think health brings not little profit appropriately.

1, filling gas blood

Yam is particularly good to the skin, the person with rude skin, often eat yam skin to be able to chase gradual change to get moist. Yam is filling gas and blood, action can place on a par with big jujube, and so easy without big jujube unripe damp and hot. The girl with cadaverous complexion insists to eat yam for a long time, can improve facial color.

2, aperient reduce weight

Eat yam can effective prevent carbohydrate to turn into adipose, be helpful for reducing weight, strong and handsome. Yam contains a large number of prandial fiber, cannot be digested to absorb inside alvine path, can exciting bowel, enhance peristalsis, aperient platoon is poisonous, have better curative effect to senile sex constipation especially.

Soup of yam of rock candy sweet-scented osmanthus

3, fight consenescence

Restrain the generation of melanin, prevent the occurrence of fleck and old person spot. Red still can restrain skin ageing, preserve skin flexibility, the anile process of slow down airframe.

4, stimulative poison sore cicatrizations

unripe yam pulverize hind, apply is all round the sore that heat up poison, have alleviate aching action, unripe yam itself has diminish inflammation to go the action that poison, stimulative skin grows, apply is in of poisonous sore all around, can force the ichor inside poisonous sore piece, make poisonous sore as soon as possible binding off cicatrizations.

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