Delay anile and best measure, try the world of cate of _ of these 5 kinds of food

Delay anile and best measure, try these 5 kinds of food

2018-10-09 16:42:10

Inborn die in one’s bed is the rule of nature, biology of avery kind of should experience anile process, we are overpowering, however what we can do is to defer consenescence. A few food in the life can help us, let us look together!

The food of counteractive consenescence

1, on the west orchid

Have ” vegetable imperial crown ” beautiful praise orchid is in on the west edible when, can absorb among them nutrition adequately, include cent of protein, candy, adipose, vitamin, carbohydrate, vitamin, mineral, carotene to wait among them.

Eat on the west orchid can sufficient absorption element of among them vitamin C, Selenium, these two kinds of material can rise to prevent cancer cell happening evil the action that change, restrain the growth of cancer cell.

Actually, proper edible on the west orchid is helpful also to deferring consenescence, because eating,this is on the west orchid when, still can absorb among them carotene, fight consenescence through considering to show the vegetable of the mustard family can help the skin.

The vitamin A in orchid is returned on the west can rise to enhance the skin to fight scathing ability, conduce to preserve cutaneous flexibility, stimulative skin is young change, assured young.

Garlic is sweet on the west orchid

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