Parents learns surely: Darling drinks milk to keep away from the world of cate of _ of 4 mine field

Parents learns surely: Darling drinks milk to keep away from 4 mine field

2017-01-19 14:19:56

Milk nutrition is rich, nevertheless the expert expresses, the parent is in the mistake that can make a few assume sth as a matter of course constantly to child drink grandma.

Join brown sugar mutability

Fourth cotton of king of lacteal industry expert expresses, milk adds candy ameliorable mouthfeel, but cannot add too much. Too sweet the absorption that can reduce a baby to pledge to the calcium in the grandma, weaken the nutrient value of milk, press grandma of delicacy of every 100 milliliter to add 5 ~ commonly 8 grams candy can.

Additional, candy is added to want to put white sugar in milk, do not put brown sugar. Because brown sugar is qualitative the ground is thicker, contain the material that be not candy more, the oxalic acid that contains certain amount among them and malic acid. Milk joins brown sugar, when organic acid achieves certain content, can make milk denaturation precipitates, cannot edible.

Drink a grandma not to exceed an amount everyday

King fourth cotton expresses, reasonable control feed amount is very significant also, press every kilograms of weight commonly 110 milliliter of 100 ~ furnish, gross of a day had better not exceed 600 milliliter. Exceed an amount drinkable milk may bring about the following consequence: It is to cause darling tic, because milk is medium calcic phosphor the scale of two kinds of mineral elements is unreasonable, phosphorous element is overmuch, meeting ” elbow out ” the calcic element inside body, can produce low blood calcic disease and cause convulsions show effect; 2 it is active of carbohydrase of children bowel endosperm inferior, the lactose in milk is more, children brings about diarrhoea because of cannot be being digested.

Join rice water to cannot be taken

A little young mother likes to add rice water to come in milk feed baby, king fourth cotton expresses, its practice is wrong. Because the bases of rice water is amylaceous, contain adipose oxidation among them enzymatic, it can destroy the vitamin A in milk. The main source that the infant absorbs vitamin A is dairy produce, if the vitamin A in dairy produce is destroyed, can bring about infant stunt, weak and sick.

Artful character is encouraged avoid to collide

The special taste of milk makes a lot of children look and repugn. King fourth cotton expresses, the parent can be used ” become beautiful ” , ” become clever ” wait for a view to encourage the child, avoid children to produce drink to suckle inimical psychology. The parent can make the provision that is burden with milk.

The optimal time that children drink suckles is before breakfast and evening sleep. Early meal uses the absorptivity that can raise nutrient element; Grandma of the drink before sleeping can calm the nerves.

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