Two action do face method to let darling fall in love with the world of cate of _ taking a side

Two action do face method to let darling fall in love with take a side

2017-03-01 17:12:05

What darling eats is happy, mom ability is at ease, but mom discovers darling loves to take a side not quite, mom makes a bowl of inviting cooked wheaten food let darling enjoy to how, below small weave the way that offers two kinds of ranges for you:

Pumpkin dragon needs a range

Pumpkin face (the darling that suits above 2 years old)


In muscle flour 100 grams, pumpkin 50 grams, pork silk 20 grams, celery silk 10 grams, silk of garlic sprouts seedling 10 grams, soy, candy, salt, balm, amylaceous, water each are right amount.


1, crescent moon contrast will be cut after pumpkin flay, the evaporate in putting a pot for steaming food is ripe, after be being taken out, press into mud, add philtrum muscle flour, right amount water and oil, knead becomes dough, quiet place 20 minutes, become the roll after dough squash a state, cut with the knife all sentence fine a form, in the boiling water that put a person, boil reserve to the fish out when eight maturity.

2, a bit balm, soy, candy, dry starch is joined in pork silk, souse 5 minutes, in putting the bowl that heat up oil again, break up fry ripe hind, fish out reserves.

3, oil of person a few is put in boiler, after oily heat, put silk of person celery silk, garlic sprouts seedling

Conflagration breaks up fry, put silk of person pumpkin noodle, pork, little salt and sugar again, break up fry even can.

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