4 kinds of methods prevent the world of cate of darling indigestion _

4 kinds of methods prevent darling indigestion

2017-04-14 15:06:07

In the life, a lot of darling do not like to eat not only complementary feed, still have dyspeptic problem. And this kind of circumstance brings about darling easily hidebound, affect body growth badly, this makes father mother very anxious. So, when encountering this kind of situation, how should be mom faced?

1. should notice darling has a meal slow, meal needs tepid and unfavorable Leng Liang, strengthen the heat preservation of belly.

2. darling wants nurturance the habit of time defecate.

The meal that 3. eats wants right amount, cannot pass full. When having a meal, want absorption have a meal, do not take overmuch sock.

4. meal should change pattern to eat, element of meat or fish is tie-in, nutrition is comprehensive.

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