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5 kinds of beverage must not touch pregnancy

2018-01-24 15:25:16

Want to know, the food and drink of pregnancy pregnant woman has a lot of contraindication, but if pregnant woman wants to drink beverage, can what beverage is drunk? Need Mom of a lot of pregnant wants to know this! So below follow small make up will understand! Can pregnancy meet drink? Is what drink there is scarcely can you drink?

Cannot be pregnancy beverage also touched readily really?

Strong tea

More caffein and tannic acid are contained in strong tea. Strong tea of pregnant woman tipple is influential to fetal and skeletal development, tannic acid returns the absorption of can cloggy iron, cause pregnancy anaemia or anaemic cure difficulty, bring about fetal hidebound.

Delicacy extracts orange juice

Soda water

The iron in the meeting after the phosphate in soda water enters bowel to and food produces reaction, produce useless to human body material. The soda water with pregnant woman many drink can use up a few iron to pledge, the likelihood causes anemia, also can bring about at the same time fetal hidebound.

Contain candy to measure tall beverage

Those are sweet drink less still to the tea with milk that delivers be bored with, fruit juice had better, not only nutrition is low, and quantity of heat is high, cause the wave motion with very big blood sugar, increase pregnant Mom to suffer from gravid diabetic danger. A few tag contain however without candy add artificially sweet the beverage of the agent also should notice more.

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