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Tipple coke is how old to body harm

2012-05-02 15:04:22

Tipple coke is how old to body harm

Close paragraph the news about coke is very much since time, for instance coke causes cancer, contain alexipharmic water to wait a moment, actually not only such, the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine thinks tipple coke still has other harm to health:

Tipple coke is how old to body harm

Asthmatic: Sodium can make the antiseptic benzoic acid in coke rash of some people generation, asthmatic wait for reaction.

Kidney problem: The many phosphoric acid in coke may bring about kidney stone. The risk that fat man has kidney stone is bigger.

Blood pressure is elevatory: After drinking coke 20 minutes, blood sugar chroma rises, exciting insulin is secreted. After 40 minutes, coffeine is absorbed completely, blood pressure rises, make a person Mondayish.

Fat: The candy of the excessive in coke can be brought about fat, cause cardiovascular disease, breast cancer and colonic cancer to wait.

Bring about tooth of eat by moth: The A candy in coke and acerbity Yi Rong solve enamel, bring about tooth of eat by moth.

Reproductive problem: The plastic bottle of coke may contain double phenolic A. This kind of material can destroy internal system, cause adolescent precocity and reproduction unusual.

Osteoporosis: The many phosphoric acid in coke can snatch the calcium in the body, cause osteoporosis.

Diabetic: Consider to show, drink the person of more coke, suffer from 2 model diabetic risk can increase 80% .

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