It what lactation eats is good that what lactation eats? 3 kinds of congee are easy absorb return the world of cate of _ of stimulate the secretion of milk

It what lactation eats is good that what lactation eats? 3 kinds of congee are easy absorb return stimulate the secretion of milk

2017-02-13 15:08:39

The mother breeds period mom should recover the body already, should produce a grandma to feed again darling, because this wants to notice compensatory nutrition especially, it what should lactation mother have is good that what should lactation mother have?

Postpartum female lactation, although be normal physiology phenomenon, but the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine learns to think galactic be born to what blood changes, it is the shade blood of human body, the ceaseless loss with galactic lactation, airframe of meeting abigail sex is in blood to separate relatively insufficient state, the constitution that brings about a female thereby can be entered ” shade often is not worth ” ” physiology is maintained period ” . Accordingly, lactation should notice food, eat the food that can leave a grandma more, in order to offset the loss of the body.

Lactation takes food follow the following regulation

1. eats much food less (1 day eats 5-6 second) , absorb nutrition adequately. Eat a thing to rest with respect to lie in bed, avoid indigestion to reach bilge gas.

The mom of 2. lactation should have regular ground to eat 3 food, it is with reducing have dinner number fiducial.

3. avoids to be after dinner nosh, mug-up is best a day.

4. eats vegetable more, the vegetable that suits puerpera edible has: Bud of lotus lotus root, day lily, soya bean, kelp, asparagus lettuce.

Drink soup of 3 kinds of congee to fill to still issue a grandma personally

1. dried congee

Feed capable person: Dried 30 grams, rice 100 grams.

The method that make: Law of rice as usual adds water to boil congee, congee is boiled to half ripe when, join abluent dried, when rice water is stiff can edible.

Effect: Congee nutrition is rich, contain a variety of nutriment such as protein, adipose, calcic, phosphor, iron, the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine thinks, this congee fills kidney Zhuang Yang, beneficial is perfectness breast, appropriate of the person that lactescence of postpartum wet nurse is not worth often edible.

Soup of 2. pig hoof

Feed capable person: Pig hoof 1, the stem pith of the rice-paper plant 10 grams, water 1500 milliliter, the flavoring such as green, salt, yellow rice or millet wine

The method that make: Will all feed material to be put together, boil with conflagration first, after water leaves, boil with small fire, hour of the 1-2 that boil, till pig hoof is crisp sodden till. Edible method: Wait for after soup is a bit cool, drink soup to eat the meat, everyday, take 3-5 day to be able to get effective repeatedly.

Effect: Pig hoof is contained rich protein, adipose, have stronger invigorate the circulation of blood, enrich the blood action, and the stem pith of the rice-paper plant is advantageous water, connect galactic function.

Egg of 3. fermented glutinous rice spends soup

Feed capable person: Fermented glutinous rice 1, egg 1

The method that make: Add fermented glutinous rice water to be boiled, infiltrate again egg, boil an egg to spend record can, can take the advantage of heat to take.

Effect: Beneficial gas promotes the secretion of saliva or body fluid, invigorate the circulation of blood is hemostatic, stimulative secrete breeds.

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