The world of cate of nutrient value _ of dawdle

The nutrient value of dawdle

2006-10-13 11:49:03

Dawdle, key link of bacterium of subject a carring pole, umbrella detailed outline, dawdle division dawdle is belonged to, be help advance somebody’s career artificially on the world the most extensive, crop is most, the edible mushroom with the greatest consumption. Because majority is individual,weigh toadstool like small umbrella reason. Dawdle Xianxiang is goluptious, contain acid of rich protein, polysaccharide, vitamin, nucleotide and not saturated fatty acid, have very tall Medical Protection effect, get of people love. Enjoy in the west ” sacred food ” good name. According to report delicacy dawdle contains protein 3 – 4 % , adipose 0.2-0.3

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