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The nutrient value of pickle is analysed

2012-02-07 14:42:10

The nutrient value of pickle is analysed

Raw material introduction

Pickle is a kind of dip goods that ferments with wet condition means treatment is made, the pickled Chinese cabbage that it is bubble kind a kind. It is easy that pickle is made, cost is low, nutrient sanitation, gust is goluptious, benefit at keep in storage. There all is the habit that abstains pickle in folk of and other places of our country Sichuan, northeast, Hunan, Hubei, Henan, Guangdong, Guangxi. Pickle flavour salty acid, mouthfeel is fragile tender, colour and lustre is bright, fragrance is tangy, appetizing and life-giving, sober up goes be bored with, can stomachic, help aid digestion.

Nutrition is analysed

1, there is rich active lactobacillus in pickle, it can restrain the growth of corrupt bacterium in alvine path, abate and corrupt bacterium produces poisonous effect in what bowel, helpful digest, prevent constipation, prevent cellular ageing, reduce cholesterol, fight the action such as tumor;

2, the chili in pickle, garlic, ginger, the excitant condiments such as green can rise antiseptic, promote digest enzymatic excretive action;

3, pickle still can promote the human body absorption to iron element.

Relevant crowd

Average crowd all but edible

Make coach

Acerbity pickle makes a way:

1, water jar abluent wipe dry;

2, put warm boiled water 2500 grams, add refined salt again 150 grams, Chinese prickly ash 25 grams, anise 5 grams, liquor 100 grams, white sugar is 50 grams, yellow vinegar 50 grams;

3, the vegetable and abluent air that immerses need next, fill altar inside sealed immerse 1, 2 days, become pickle namely.

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