Orange the world of cate of _ of 10 big magical utility

Orange 10 big magical utility

2016-11-23 17:58:08

Juice of orange of 1. salt flavour — additional physical power

Athletic hind is drinkable orange juice, the fructose with rich content can complement quickly physical strength, and the moisture that is as high as 85% more can satisfy one’s thirst is life-giving. Special after reminding orange juice has been extracted instantly drinkable, otherwise the oxygen in air can make the content of its vitamin C is reduced quickly. The salt that increase a point is drinkable, the effect is more apparent.
Remind: Bright orange juice should the drink inside half hours is used up

Discharge of 2. orange juice makeup — deep-seated clean skin

With wash face-cloth to soak orange juice to wipe facial skin, after absorbing 5 minutes adequately, wash with clear water clean, already can discharge makeup, but thoroughly clean and facial bilge and grease, produce effect of deep-seated clean skin. Although sensitive skin also can be at ease,use. But special remind, use orange juice avoids sunshine insolate as far as possible after clean skin.

Film of face of 3. orange seed — cause skin closely

Make seed of 2 teaspoon orange into powder with mixer, mixture distilled water makes mushy face film. Weekly apply 1 ~ 2, can increase the strength of skin blood capillary, achieve the goal that causes skin closely. The person with sensitive skin can do skin test first, after will abstaining face film Tu Yuer, 5 ~ after 10 minutes abluent, if did not feel unwell,can set his mind at to use.

Pink of 4. orange seed — remedial rheumatism

In putting the orange seed of airing bowl, bake fry, bake when frying, notice to be not fried anxious, but fry oily cent as far as possible dry. Make the orange seed that has fried into powder, with boiled water take medicine with water, every time 5 grams of 3 ~ , meal hind is drinkable. Hold to for a long time rheumatism can be treated on certain level.

Salad of 5. orange valve — enhance immunity

All nutrition part that the fruit can supply is contained almost in orange valve, can enhance body of force of human body immunity, stimulative disease to restore, quicken cut heal. Return can compensatory prandial fiber especially, conduce to defecate. Special the person that remind smoking eats orange more, and gastritis and cystic disease patient careful eat orange.

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