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Food keep out is cold should tell ” tactics “

2017-01-13 16:20:31

Solstitial afterwards, air temperature compares a day one day low. Wear the dress besides how besides, the warm body food with one reeky desk, also can help us resist cold. This period, we are integrated foreign new research, invite academy of sciences of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine of assistant dean of hospital of Beijing rising sun Professor Shen Yanying, China Professor Yang Li, teach everybody how to use food, the drive shiver with handsome thresh gain.

Tactics 1: Flesh of first selection flocks and herds

The flesh with tepid property kind, it is the first selection of warm body. They are contained a lot ofhigh grade protein and adipose, have beneficial kidney Zhuang Yang, Wen Zhongnuan to fall, the effect of filling gas invigorate the circulation of blood. Eat these flesh to be able to make body metabolization is accelerated, endocrine function increases, achieve drive cold effect thereby. Among them flesh of flocks and herds, chicken is first selection; The lukewarm sex of dog meat is stronger, can edible of take into consideration the circumstances, the person that has high blood pressure nevertheless had better eat less.

Optimal have a way: Chicken broth of instant-boiled mutton, Bao. Cook method delicate, feeding habits is gentle, everybody is appropriate.


Hotpot of Hangzhou any of several hot spice plants

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