Honey of aperient sweet-scented osmanthus raises pagoda tree nectar the world of gastric _ cate

Honey of aperient sweet-scented osmanthus raises pagoda tree nectar stomach

2017-02-21 17:02:40

Honey is considered as one of best health food all over the world: ” classics of divine farming a book on Chinese medicine ” label honey the top grade that benefits a person; Gu Xila’s person thinks honey is ” god-given gift ” ; Of India ” bark Tuo classics ” say honey can lengthen life delay year. The whole world is drinking honey preserve one’s health, but now honey sort is various, how should choose after all, does ability produce sanitarian effect better?

What the honey that normally we say points to is natural honey, the nectar source plant that differs because of originating, cent gives priority to all sorts of odd nectar of body for some plant florescence, if rape is honey of litchi honey, locust honey, Chinese milk vetch, sweet,wait. But, most honey middling often contains pollen of a few sort floral or nectar, for example, litchi spends evening to then longan is spent, oily cauliflower evening has Chinese milk vetch to blossom then, so the meeting in longan honey contains the part of litchi honey, honey of Chinese milk vetch has a few rape sweet composition, but in odd nectar scale of pollen of floral of this nectar source still takes absolutely advantage. Still have one kind calls miscellaneous nectar or 100 nectar, it is the honey that a lot of plants blossom at the same time and takes, scale of all sorts of nectar source pollen are even.

Because of collection nectar source different, so the dietotherapy effect of honey also has each different. 100 nectar collect Yu Baihua Cong Zhong, collect the flower of 100 flowers, collect the encyclopedia of 100 flowers, mix by honey of 5 kinds of above normally and become, distinct sweet benefit, have a lot of effect, if clear vulcanize is medium, alexipharmic moisten the respiratory tract, convergence, fit most person. If want to drink honey aperient platoon is poisonous, the effect is become best the nectar that belong to a pagoda tree, bass is sweet, jujube nectar cannot aperient, costive patient edible returns can aggravating illness. The person of easy get angry ought to drink honey of bit of the rhizome of Chinese goldthread, effect of its reduce internal heat is very distinct. Want to raise a stomach to want to drink sweet-scented osmanthus honey. Sweet-scented osmanthus honey is known as ” the king in honey ” , have the very good effect that raise a stomach, add vinegar to be able to reduce weight, mix grandma but embellish skin. Lung is bad, drink medlar honey. This honey is shown deep amber, faint scent is fragrant, have the effect of lung of kidney of filling gas, grow, embellish, Zhuang Yang. Old people can drink ginkgo honey more in. Ginkgo honey contains the medicaments part such as the ester inside suffering of ginkgo ketone, ginkgo, can treat cardiovascular disease, coronary heart disease, miocardial infarction and head to be short of the disease such as blood.

Finally, gao Maolin reminds, rush with boiled water or high temperature evaporate boils honey, can make the nutrient material in honey is played havoc with, in honey enzymatic miss work, accordingly, honey had better use the edible after the warm boiled water under 60 ℃ or dilute of cool boiled water.

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