Can of the egg of brown sugar water that boil has the world of cate of _ of effect of 5 kinds of dietotherapy than fine medicine

Brown sugar water boils egg can to have effect of 5 kinds of dietotherapy than fine medicine

2017-04-28 17:31:50

What is the action of the egg of brown sugar water that boil, the way of the egg of brown sugar water that boil is exceedingly simple, but the egg of brown sugar water that boil can be syrup not just so simple, the egg of brown sugar water that boil can be a medicinal food, it is having the effect of very high nutrition value and health care of very good preserve one’s health!

Red candy egg is smooth to woman menstruation have very good help, can make the body warm, increase energy, loose enrages blood, accelerate haemal circulation, menstruation also can be discharged relatively smoothly. If classics hind feels drive is poor, color is bad, can be in everyday before Chinese meal, drink a cup of chroma to make an appointment with the red syrup of 20% .

Can be when unwell symptom is heavier before dinner add drink again a cup, last one week to be able to be improved effectively. Still can becoming red candy can becoming red candy brown sugar water to drink is easier than eating directly draw among them nutrition part, and have energy of life of the beneficial in filling more, be good at taste, the effect of warm stomach.

Brown sugar water is inchoate the commonnest drink of practical brown sugar preserve one’s health. Pregnant woman is postpartum and exsanguine much, physical strength and energy are used up big, in postpartum 7 ~ are like in 10 days drink water of a few brown sugar, can complementary capabilities, increase hematic size, advantageous restore at what produce rear body power, and the systole to postpartum uterus, restore, the eduction of lochia and lactescence, also have apparent stimulative effect.

Brown sugar water also can be used at apply, have the effect with a moist poison likewise, the National People’s Congress of older generation had experienced dot to be hibernated by the bee more, cut red swollen, ache is intolerable, right now parents can take the smear of brown sugar water with a few higher concentration at red place, can reduce sorely a little while, red also meet gradually subsidise. Because skin of autumn winter season is cold male dry and Sao is urticant, bath of usable also brown sugar is brushed, clean, can reduce effectively male urticant feeling. Brown sugar water also can join a tremella, medlar, red jujube or it is ormosia is boiled together.

Effect of advantageous water diuretic, menstruation criterion eduction of conduce uterus trash, can alleviate abdominal distension, the waist tightens semiotic; black candy to add longan, jiang Zhigong is boiled, have in filling, enrich the blood effect; takes sweet potato, brown sugar, jiang Zhiyi is boiled together, have effect of preserve one’s health not to provide the mug-up of gust together more not only.

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